Result of Season 4

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  Team trophy    Winner Race
& coach
  Championship   Voice of the Woods  Wood Elf
  2nd place   Korven Kuninkaat  Norse
  3rd place   Ol' Skool Miners  Dwarf
  Best Attacking Team   Voice of the Woods  Wood Elf
  Best Defending Team   Ol' Skool Miners  Dwarf
  Fair Play Team   Golden Vortex  High Elf
  Fair Play Team   Nurgle's Blessed Carcases  Nurgle
  Most Violent Team   Ol' Skool Miners  Dwarf
  Player prize    Winner Type
& team
  Top Player     Nihat Dustwanderer  Wood Elf Catcher
Voice of the Woods
  Top Scorer     Nihat Dustwanderer  Wood Elf Catcher
Voice of the Woods
  Top Basher     Smurf 'n' Turf  Ogre
Ogre Town Shitters
  Top Thrower     Holy Shadowleaf  Wood Elf Thrower
Voice of the Woods
  Hero of the Season     Pieter von Carstein Bounty (40000 gp) Vampire
Blood Brothers
  Sissy of the Season     Grrr' Argh retired Beast of Nurgle
Nurgle's Blessed Carcases
  Rookie of the Season     Jeyan WIttypaw dead Wood Elf Catcher
Voice of the Woods
  ARR     Bemp Quarryhead Bounty (50000 gp)dead Dwarf Runner
Ol' Skool Miners

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